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About us

East Coast Building Biology About1The story behind the formation of our company starts several years ago.

Hi, Suzanne Ryan here. I’d love to share with you the reason I’m so passionate about the relationship between health and our surroundings, and why I’ve dedicated the last few years to an intensive education at the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

It all began with my son developing inexplicable allergies that doctors only seemed interested in treating symptoms and not establishing the cause.

Frustration with the medical system’s ‘wait and see’ approach (while my son’s health condition got worse and continued to plummet) lead me in the direction of finding the ‘missing link’ in our health, which is so obvious, yet remains an often overlooked subject to many.

What we do is simple, inexpensive and effective:

  • It starts with an obligation-free 10 minute chat over the phone (see below)
  • The next step involves a home or workplace visit where we investigate the environmental impacts your home is exerting on you and your family/colleagues
  • These include aspects from the very simple to the more insidious: personal care and cleaning products, water quality, mould, exposure to electromagnetic fields (that’s wifi – you can’t see it, but the dangers are very real, just this one alone can lead to symptoms of nervous system disorders, sleep disturbances, fatigue and stress) and more – it’s always individualised for each client.

And yes, my boy is now 16 and I’m thrilled to say he’s well now after removing the environmental factors from our home that were having an impact on his immune system (plus we gave him immune boosting treatments).

I’m based in Northern New South Wales, and service clients in both NSW and Queensland.

Just click the Contact button below to leave your details and I’ll be in touch to set up a time for your obligation free chat as soon as possible. This work is my passion and I’d love to help you.

For an obligation free 10 min phone consultation please click on the button below.

Who We Work With

Recent scientific research is fueling a growing awareness of how environmental factors impact on health. A home or workplace assessment may identify a contributing factor or factors, simple advice may provide solutions to alleviate symptoms.

We work with businesses to assist to provide a healthy and comfortable workplace. Concerns with different factors may arise from time to time. At East Coast Building Biology we can assist to identify the factor and offer simple, cost effective advice to provide a healthy, comfortable work environment.

Our homes are sanctuarys for our families to retreat from the world. It is important for our bodies to rest and restore while at home sleeping. We can provide advice regarding Electro Magnetic Radiation, (EMR) Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), water and air quality, mould investigation, building materials and design, personal care and cleaning products. Simple solutions may be a small adjustment in the living space.

The internet and wireless technology has undoubtably become an incredibly useful tool for schools. There is much controversy surrounding EMR, independent researchers are very concerned with wireless technology in our schools. Our current standard is based on thermal effects (how much parts of your body heat up). It is important to realise that the standards set are not based on biological effects (changes) and therefore there is no way of knowing what the long term health effects of EMR at these limits will be. At East Coast Building Biology we believe awareness and education is of the upmost importance. We work to assist schools to understand how different countries have addressed the new understanding of biological effects, and how their legislations are reflected in their schools. Again simple advice, awareness and a focus on solutions so we can enjoy the technology we all love!

At East Coast Building Biology we believe in acknowledging and promoting awareness of current Australian Government advice. Whilst also acknowledging research other countries have conducted, including the actions they have taken regarding wireless devices for children, and how their legislations are reflected in their schools. Talks are offered free of charge.

A growing awareness of how our indoor environment impact on our health, have home builders and renovators, considering the building materials they use, and how their home is built. At East Coast Building Biology we are dedicated to provide advice so a healthy and supportive environment is created. Many factors are considered: the site, building materials, ventilation, furnishings, electromagnetic fields, water quality, air quality and the personal requirements of the owners. Professional advice is offered to minimise exposure to electromagnetic fields. Good indoor air quality is critical to health and the materials and finishes that are selected play an integral role in determining air quality. Many factors contribute to environmental impact leading to sick building syndrome and ultimately on our health. It can be difficult to determine what materials and finishes are truly non toxic to our health and our planet. We can help to create an indoor space that supports your wellbeing as well as that of the planet.